AutoGR - Automatic Image Georeferencing

Automatic image georeferencing script.
When uploading images for processing, please consider the following:
- if orthophoto are not provided in WGS84 coordiante projection, no kml file with the footprint will be generated;
- orthophoto should be provided with relative world file (i.e. tfw file for tif images) ;
- images should be below the max pixel size in X and Y (depending on the capabilities of clowder), considering that the larger the image, the more time it till take for the output (and for upload of course);
- image matching and thus georeferencing is not guaranteed and it is based on well known computer vision algorithms with moderate scale and orientation invariant tolerance with minor improvements;
- file name should be provided with latin characters to avoid decoding problems;
- for small dataset it is suggested to test the offline version of AutoGR-Toolkit (

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