Trained convnet models

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Ratko Pilipović , Vladimir Risojević

Convnet models trained from scratch on a HRRS image dataset.

  • Funding Institution: European Commission
  • Grant Number: H2020 Research Infrastructures contract no. 675121 (project VI-SEEM)
  • Author: Ratko Pilipović
  • Abstract: Code and pretrained convnet models for classification of high resolution remote sensing (HRRS) images. The convnets are trained/fine-tuned on publicly available AID dataset of HRRS images ( The collection contains the following datasets: Trained convnet models - models trained from scratch on AID dataset Fine-tuned convnet models - models pretrained on ImageNet and fine-tuned on AID dataset Tools & Results - code of an experimental framework for training and testing different convnet topologies for HRRS image classification, conference paper and presentation.
  • Primary/Initial Publication: R. Pilipović and V. Risojević, “Evaluation of Convnets for Large-Scale Scene Classification From High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images”, In Proc. 17th International Conference on Smart Technologies, IEEE EUROCON 2017, pp. 932-937. IEEE, 2017
  • Author: Vladimir Risojević

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